Here at Better Moves we are generally very proud to say who we are and tell people about us, mostly because we LOVE our ‘job’ and we love helping people through what is often one of the most stressful experiences in their lives (moving house or office). And more often than not, we leave them smiling. That is awesome for us and it makes us proud to say we are Better Moves. But TODAY, we are prouder than proud. Today we are peacock, puff-out-your-tail-feathers proud! 

This is because today, we send off one of our finest, Derrick Lobban, (BM Director), to Scotland. We send him off to Scotland today because Derrick is off to represent us, SOUTH AFRICA, at the 8 Nations International Bowls Tournament as a precursor to the Commonwealth Games in 2014 (!!)


If South Africa bring back the gold he will stand a very good chance of representing South Africa in the Commonwealth Games next year.

Derrick will be skipping (captaining) the disabled trips team in Glasgow against 7 other teams from around the bowling world.

Derrick represented South Africa at the 2007 and 2011 World Championships for those with disabilities. This will be his third time of playing for SA.

Derrick played world bowls in 2007 in Sydney Australia and their team won
gold- South Africa won gold overall. These pictures are of that occasion.



All of us at Better Moves, our fans, and all of SA wish you the very best and we are so proud of you!

More Info:

The tournament is in Glasgow and is being held at the Kelvin Grove Bowling Club.
This tournament is a precursor to the Commonwealth Games also to be held in Glasgow next year with the bowls being played at the same venue.