It is less common to throw Housewarming parties due to the cost of living these days, but here at Better Moves we think there is no better way to warm a home than to have those you love most grace it with a small get-together.

So we are going to give you a few tips on how to throw a Housewarming Party well, and with the bank account in mind:

INVITES: can be quick and easy, and pretty darn cheap too!

1.Grab a bunch of paint swatches
2. Cut one (of the same colour choice) into horizontal strips
3. Glue each end of strip to either end of swatch
4. Print small invites (business card size or smaller)
5. Slide them into the paint swatch
6. Deliver to friends and family




Drinks need not be too pricey either, no one is coming to your Housewarming Party expecting a full bar. Simply get a couple bottles of Champers (JC Le Roux is a popular) and , lay out some flutes and pop some fruit inside each one. And just like that – you look like a pro 😉
If you are particularly creative you can even print off little notes, punch a whole in each one, and with a small piece of ribbon tie them to each flute.
“Make a toast” or “Cheers” are lovely ideas for wording.



Again, no one is coming expecting a full buffet, so don’t put pressure on yourself to supply one. These easy yet innovative ideas are a great treat for guests:

Cooked Pasta pockets on a stick, ready for dipping into a tasty Pesto Pasta sauce

Rosa Tomatoes, Mozarella and a Basil Leaf on a stick, drizzled with a bit of Balsamic Reduction – yummy!


Delicious little cupcakes with different coloured icing, topped with little notes attached to toothpicks or sticks, alternated with little fruit baskets in cupcake holders. Something for the sweet-toothed and something for the health-conscious, too.

Other nice snack ideas include:
– Crossants with various fillings, Ham/Lettuce/Cheese/Salami- Fruit Kebabs stuck into a large melon
– Wraps with various fillings
– Peppers in dip
– Sausage Rolls (always a treat)


Clever little idea to bring the colour swatch theme (like the invites) back on the day. Punch holes around two swatches and connect them with thin ribbon, creating a pocket for you to put your utensils and serviettes within – look how creative you are! 😉 



Thank guests for helping to warm your home with a little gift to help ‘warm’ theirs too – a nice scented candle.


What do you think? Did this inspire you to throw a housewarming party next time you move house?
Let us know 🙂



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