To sell your home fast you must grab the attention of the buyers in The first 15 Seconds, Make Your Home Visually Appealing with these cosmetic fixes!

Here are a few things you can do today to sell your home fast!

With the tough real estate market that we find ourselves in recently anything that you can do to help get your property sold faster and for more money helps. I have been helping people do just this for years now and here are some Cosmetic Fixes to Sell Your Home Fast. Sell your home fast

De-clutter and Clean the whole House

As easily as this seems, it is surprising how many people are so attached to their STUFF that is in their home that when it comes time to put the house on the market and show the house people are really turned off because of the mess. Spend a weekend and pack up at least ¼ of all of the items in your home, especially if they are very personalized items, pack them away possibility to a off site storage location. Then give your whole house a major cleaning. It the cleaning is too much for you hire it out.

Spruce Front Entry Area

Stand in front of your home and look carefully at the front entry area. Is it messy? Could the door use a fresh coat of paint? Do you have a welcome mat? Does your door bell work? Does the front door hardware look good and work properly? Do you have any plants/flowers on the front porch? Is the walkway to the front porch in good shape? If there are handrails, are they secure and looking good?  For the most part none of these fixes would total much money. Just make sure the first impression to any potential buyer is top notch.

 Minor Kitchen Makeover

If the cabinets are wood and they are old or dingy, consider cleaning, lightly sanding and giving them a paint job. This is not as hard as you may think and this one thing alone could possibly bring you thousands of extra rands in a sale. Make sure to use a primer first and high quality paint.  Next, update the cabinet hardware. After the cabinets, look at updating the back splash. This can be done in many different inexpensive methods that look great. As before, look at some of the different projects on the above web sites. This is the #1 area to do work to to increase your ability to sell your home fast.Sell your home fast


Minor Main Bathroom Makeover

Next to the kitchen inside of the home the bathroom will bring in the most money from a minor update. Again do the same as for the kitchen with the cabinets by painting and changing the hardware. Think about replacing the counter tops and faucet. On most vanities this can be done for a few hundred dollars. If the toilet is old, dirty or a water leash, consider changing it with a new water saving model. Toilets have really come down in price.

Minor Master Bedroom Update

This is the bedroom that should get work before any other. Freshen up the paint color. Replace the window covering with nice, but inexpensive new blinds and/or curtains. Make the bed the focus point of the room. Buy new bedding with a new comforter. (Even though these items do not stay with the house it will really make the room feel more finished.) If your bed does not have a headboard, consider building or purchasing one. Headboards make a huge difference in the completeness of this room. If your furniture is old or dingy consider painting it to make it all look consistent and fresh.

Sell your home fast

These are just a few Cosmetic Fixes to Sell Your Home Fast. I am sure that if you take the time to investigate each or all of the fixes through the mentioned web sites you will find that none of the work is very difficult or expensive. Completing all of these items is sure to bring you great results during the showings of your home and possibly much more money at the closing table.

home improvement ideas-home renovations By: Tom Corliss – webmaster @ Home Information