1. We have committed our company to assisting the elderly with a free service of furniture repositioning as well as a de-cluttering service within their own homes for 2013.


  1. This service includes a team of Better Moves staff that can assist any of your retirees in their homes to move fridges, washing machines, heavy couches, chairs, tables, pot plants etc., within their home free of charge.



  1. Our service also offers to assist retirees in the process of de-cluttering their homes of unwanted old furniture or garden furniture or even unwanted magazines, ornaments and general clutter. This can be removed via our trucks.


  1. Our team of movers will happily move fridges etc if the person requires cleaning under these items and will assist with the cleaning of the floor and walls where these items are positioned. (provided that cleaning materials are supplied by the retiree).



  1. We believe that the elderly are not always able to do these jobs for themselves and have to rely on outside help. We have the teams and the transport and the willingness to help out.


  1. We are a busy moving company and would ask that your receptionist or manager accumulate enough requests for an afternoon so that we do not just come out to do only one little repositioning job. We would be happy to do at least 3 or more jobs at one time on the same afternoon.



  1. We would request that your receptionist collects the names of the persons as well as their addresses that require our service and then call us to find a day that we will be available to assist.

  2. The receptionist would need to communicate with our sales rep, Charmaine who will ensure that the repositioning day is booked by the Better Moves Co-ordinator. The Better Moves Co-ordinator will contact the receptionist to confirm date, time and details of retirees being helped on the day as well as what they will require.


  1. We would ask that we can place a poster in a frame about our re-positioning and de-clutter free service in the common office or reception or other suitable place where our poster is visible to the retirees.



  1. We will be offering this free service for the year of 2013


  1. If a person or persons are moving into the retirement village we can provide a moving service for them but this will not be part of the free service and a quote will be given to the person on request for such a move, in or out of the retirement village.



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