1 spray bottle
1 ½ cups white vinegar
2 cups of water
10-12 drops of your favorite essential oil, i.e. lavender, eucalyptus, jasmine (optional)


Fill spray bottle with all ingredients. Shake to combine. Use to clean surfaces in and around the house like kitchen counter tops, refrigerator handles and appliances, to keep porcelain and fixtures shining bright. Follow with a clean cloth for a bright shine!

You can use the above recipe for some of the following household duties. Tougher jobs may call for straight vinegar:

  1. Clean and wipe down kitchen countertops, cutting boards, refrigerator and freezer handles.
  2. Clean bathroom surfaces (If you need some scrubbing action, put some baking soda in a bowl and pour some of the above mixture in, stir to combine and scrub away!)
  3. For stubborn hard water deposits on taps and shower heads, fill a plastic bag with enough white vinegar to completely cover the fixture and let it soak overnight.