We have all heard the stats. Moving is the 5th most stressful thing we can do. If you have not moved in 10 years or more this can be overwhelming simply because most of us have accumulated sooo many things that we think we need. But if you are downsizing where are you going to put all that extra stuff? Now is the time to declutter before move day.
Better Moves offers you a team of movers to take all your unwanted goods away- you may be giving things to charity or a family member or a freind and we are here to help you with the task of removing from your home and transporting these goods to their new destinations and owners. We offer this service at midmonth which then gives you time to reassess what is left in your home and to have a clearer picture of what you actually need to take with you for your fresth new start in your lovely compact new home. We will send a team of men and a bakkie or small truck that will work with you when you are ready to tackle the task. The win is that costs are lower at midmonth and because you would have got rid of your uncessary goods when it comes to move day your move will also be a lot cheaper.

If you are really just not ready to get rid of your stuff right now then it may be a good idea to store for awhile until you have a better option for your goods. Ask us about our storage facilities- we will be able to assit you with storage.
When you are ready give us a call and we can book a day and time to assist you.