A move requires packing goods into boxes but what type of boxes do you need?
The general packing box is a size 6 and is used for most items that are packed. However it is too big for heavy items such as books. Use a size 4 box for this packing. This way you will be able to move the box more easily.
Linen boxes are great for linen, blankets, towels and duvets as they are deep and can hold larger soft items like these. Dont pack heavier items in these as these boxes will become too heavy. You can get away with using size 6 boxes instead of linen boxes if costs are an issue. You will just need more of these.
Wardrobe boxes are great for jackets and suits and evening gowns etc. They are expensive so limit their number to the important stuff only. If you dont want to fold your hanging clothes and wardrobe boxes are too expensive then transport these items on hangers in the back of your car and use an old broom stick to carry them on.
If you boxes are going into storage its worth buying double walled boxes that dont collapse over time. Better still is to use palstic boxes which last so much longer and keep your goods well protected and free from dust.
Our moving company supplies all of the above and delivers free of charge.